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The Paideia Projects-NFP, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Dr. George Andrew Kourvetaris, Professor of Sociology and Social Thought at Northern Illinois University. Now a Professor Emeritus, his mission is the production and dissemination of videos and DVDs on the contributions of ancient Greece to our modern civilization. The major emphasis is on the 5th Century B.C., also known as The Golden Age of Pericles. The Paideia Projects has produced its first eight programs on the following topics:

  • Part I - Introduction and the Birthplace of Democracy
  • Part II - On Freedom
  • Part III - The Greek Influence on the American Founding Fathers
  • Part IV - The Music of Ancient Greece
  • Part V - The Mythology of Ancient Greece
  • Part VI - Ancient Games and Celebrations
  • Part VII - Classical Greek Drama
  • Part VIII - Women, Marriage and Family in Ancient Greece

We plan to produce many more programs in the coming years. These programs serve as educational aids to courses in history, culture, philosophy and Greek classics in colleges, schools and libraries; and for personal enrichment.

All content in this website is copyrighted 2012 by The Paideia Projects-NFP, Inc.

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